Artist Review: Belvue

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Four young friends who happen to all be professional musicians and ridiculously awesome music producers and songwriters with major backbone to a fresh, eclectic sound all meet up one day. And Belvue was born.

Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Calgary, this Alt/Rock quartet of passionate musicians instantly shared a bond and chemistry over their unique musical inspirations. And with each member already having their own personal knowledge and experience with music onstage and the business offstage, it’s safe to say that Belvue hit the ground running pretty much immediately, and their Freshman Debut EP How To Be A Lion, self produced by the band entirely, set the groundwork for them and a buzz quickly began to spread across the scene through radio airwaves, their infectious live shows, and even won first place in the 2015 Blind Beggar Original Music Showcase.

The band as of yesterday just dropped their new single “Take Me” from their upcoming EP Leave The Light On, slated to release September 1st. And just after one listen/watch of the single “Take Me” (Official Music Video), I was quite enamored and found myself hearing something that far outweighed my expectations.

This song right from the beginning showcases a very dynamic and captivating clean vocal & guitar intro that eases its way into very well-crafted measures of ambient verses, emotional lyrical content about the rise and fall of romance, and an aura that you can listen, see, and feel when watching the video for this song.

“Take Me” is an effective song that plays at your heartstrings with the brilliant songwriting that showcases the singer’s message and very impressive vocal range, and is definitely a track that’s astonishing all on its own. But the music video for this song helps you really capture the true art, imagery, and emotions that goes perfectly with this song’s moods and textures. The Cinematography is enchanting, the colors that are captured at each location are flawless, and the beautiful use of nature is what really makes this track powerful, beautiful, and just all around a perfect showcase of audio and imagery.

This song and video is a must-see-and-hear for all Alt/Rock listeners. The music will capture your soul, the video will give you goosebumps, and the production quality is top-notch and dynamically mastered. Belvue is a band that I am more than positive will land on your playlist favorites.

For fans of: 1975, Half Moon Run, Switchfoot, Imagine Dragons, The Killers.

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