Artist Review: Tiffany Desrosiers – “Fearless” (Official Music Video)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A voice of an angel, and an extraordinary visual experience in cinematography.

Hailing from the landscapes of Vancouver, BC, acclaimed singer Tiffany Desrosiers has been turning many heads with her angelic voice, classy image, and her knack for turning the stage into a sanctuary when she performs. She has played shows with artist greats such as Ben Harper, David Foster, and many others over the years and has a very impressive touring résumé.

Her single “Fearless”, from her most recent album of the same name, is not only a solid and powerfully produced song, but also a music video that’s very cinematic, beautifully directed and edited, and is a journey to behold. This is not your every day video. There’s dynamic costume designs, a very solidified cast, scenic shooting locations, innovative camera work, and a magical presence as the video reaches its most climactic resolutions.

The song is a treat for any EDM/Pop listener. Tiffany‘s vocal structures are very tasteful with great melodies that brilliantly showcase her very impressive vocal range and mind-bending vibratos. The verses are delicate, ambient, and extremely soothing like a back rub. Her lyrical content is very expressive and makes great use of the build-ups that lead her into a powerful chorus that is bound to stick in your head.

I must say though. This song is great all on its own and should be played internationally on any EDM-oriented Radio station, but the video brings a dynamically uplifted visual stroke of genius that makes this song a stand-out of its kind. It’s a fasten-your-seatbelt kind of experience, and never wavers from the concept, or overall aura. It’s just an amazing video that you have to see to believe.

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