Artist Review: Samurai Shin OST (The Soundtrack)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a theatrical and dynamically crafted soundtrack that has a great vision and concept that carries a strong presence among the creators, the Samurai Shin OST Comic Book Soundtrack is something very fresh and is articulated with that “on another level” feeling.

A concept and vision created by Keith Masaru and Amir Atsuko, this soundtrack has a lot of collaboration, a strong cast of producers, and rappers that bring it all together with the soundtrack’s concept, vision, feel, and flow.

You can hear a vast of different elements that you’ve heard in a lot of movie or gaming soundtracks, but what’s great about this one in particular is the reader of the comic gets the perfect audio to synchronize with the imagery. It’s an experience that really brings light to the comic and fulfills your appreciation of the concept, while the creators really get to express it through both what you see and hear, which is something that really shows authenticity, creativity, and talent you don’t see or hear every day. This is definitely a project that comes at you with every angle to see its conceptual approach, and overall atmosphere.

The soundtrack’s production value is right where it needs to be. It has a great underground, city vibe that really enhances your visual experience while reading the comic. The beats have smooth transitions, great hooks, clever rhyming techniques, and has a “classic status” feel to it. It’s a sound that grabs your attention, and perhaps makes you interested in reading the comic if you haven’t already.

This is by far one of the most impressive projects I’ve seen and heard in quite some time. If you haven’t read Samurai Shin OST yet and have an appreciation for the uniqueness and multi-talent from minds of brilliant creators, then this is highly recommended.

Check out Samurai Shin:

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