Artist Review: Shane Pons

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A bold country sound that’s bound to get you off your feet, this Alt/Country artist by the name of Shane Pons holds nothing back when it comes to creating, composing, and wowing his fans with his insatiable energy and charisma.

A man with a voice perfectly crafted for the genre, Pons boasts a very eclectic, fun, witty, and catchy sound that is bound to put him on the map, and his music in your soul. “High Life” is one of those songs that clearly showcases Pons‘s talent, mesmerizing story-tellish verses with clever lyrics, and a climactic chorus that will have you up all night singing along to it on repeat.

He brings a very adhesive rock element to the table as well, since he himself has been in many past rock bands. It was after his contribution to rock that he decided to go solo and put his music where his heart is, in country. And he’s definitely passionate about the genre. After dropping his debut album in 2014, Pons hit the ground running from there.

The album has top-notch production value, smooth guitar riffs, and musicianship that stands out in ways where Pons can put his soul into writing, his writing into songs, his songs into the forefront, and truly perform the music he’s always wanted to since his rock days.

Shane Pons is definitely a musician to behold and a story to be told. If you’re a country listener looking for an artist in the genre’s truest form, then Pons is your pick. 

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