Artist Review: Blue Flamez

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A sound that’s captivating, witty, eclectic, and diligent. This is the feeling you grasp when you listen to acclaimed artist Blue Flamez‘s single “Rez Life”.

This is a very chill, laid back, and intelligently crafted song that brings out a very unique and multifaceted approach, not heard in today’s overproduced efforts that sometimes surround the many derivatives of the genre. But this Hip Hop artist definitely brings a charismatic flow to the table and has made a great name for himself with undeniable hard work.

“Rez Life”, which also has an Official Music Video on YouTube, captures the attention of anyone who discovers the song. The beat has a very low-key and makes great use of plugins without drowning out the diligence of the vocals, which by the way has a story-telling approach that grasps you with the clever narratives alone. It’s a track I believe should be recommended to everyone, and will definitely give your ears something new to take in and appreciate.

As of right now, Blue Flamez is currently in the Top 5 Finslists in the NAMMY Awards. The Award Ceremony is in New York on September 17th, and you can VOTE for Blue Flamez right now at: 

This is an amazing opportunity for an amazing artist that definitely deserves the #1 spot. So we at Artist Reach ask you from the bottom of our hearts to take a few minutes to click the link above and vote for him to come out on top. Because at the end of the day, us musicians, artists, bands, and entertainment industry folk can’t do this without your support. 

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