Artist Review: Twin-Fin

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Female-fronted Rockabilly? Sign me up!

This is quite the treat, and some energy for the soul you don’t hear everyday quite like this. Twin-Fin is a blend of insatiable charisma, and an engaging showcase of musicianship that can get anyone onto the dance floor. 

With their song “Jungle Room” (which also has an Official Music Video) that starts with a very punchy and rhythmic drummer who never lets up with his spot-on blasts of energy and dynamic transitions and fills that cruise along with their stand-up bassist, we have a taste of something that’s bound to bring you into the realm of amazement as we transition into clever, clean guitar structures and captivating female vocals that stirs up a chemistry of Rockabilly that grasps you with a unique and infectious overall sound the minute it jumps into action, full swing.

This energy and signature sound never lets up, and this is something that makes Twin-Fin your above-average band. Not only is this genre very tough to write and solidify, but it’s also difficult to find team players willing to see eye to eye with their passion for not only Rockabilly, but being able to bring in their personal influences and stylistic writing and performing methods that perfectly come together as a whole, ensuring a faultless outcome with the brilliant minds of Twin-Fin. But this band has no trouble with this whatsoever. When you take a listen to the band yourself, you can feel it inside your musical soul that this quintet of star players were designed to fit this Rockabilly outfit.

With a lot of music saturating today’s mainstream, a band like Twin-Fin is bound to be your ultimate refreshment. That’s an absolute promise. Listen, love, dance, repeat.

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