Artist Review: XT Dream

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Emotional lyricism. Melancholic, and in-depth.

There’s a lot to say about Las Vegas rapper XT Dream‘s 16-track LP Future’s Future; but the main thing, especially with 16 tracks to take in, is that there’s something special going on in each song. 

There’s an incredible sense of an old-school, nostalgic feel. Something that almost sounds as if it were being played on vinyl. But in my opinion, it’s one of the crucial elements in this LP, and XD‘s sound altogether. His classic approach without smothering listeners with sporadically, outdone overdubs is a treat and isn’t heard too much in today’s Hip-Hop. The production quality is low key, but still edgy. It’s definitely a “lay back and smoke a J” album. 

Tracks off this LP like “Light Signal” and “Friendship” are great examples of the chill, shaken-not-stirred vibe that this album gives off. The lyricism is inspirational, as opposed to graphic or explicit, and always leaves you with something to relate to, or something that’s refreshing to hear altogether. And while these songs are separated into 16 tracks, each of them transition into each other like a story being told, or a concept that personifies itself through continuity. 

Future’s Future is another rare gem that is a discovery you’ll pat yourself on the back for. It’s not an album where you’ll be skipping any tracks, because they’re all connected and tell a story through clever lyricism and narratives that are appropriately placed throughout the LP’s placement altogether; instrumentally and lyrically. If you’re digging for a “good vibes only” album, then Future’s Future will be one of your new favorites.

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