Artist Review: SJW Music Inc.

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Steve Savarino

One man. One mind. Many musicians. But you’ll never hear the same thing twice.

The musical machine SJW Music Inc., manifested through the dynamic Alt/Rock origination of sound through veteran artist Scott Warren, definitely hits home plate with his most recent LP, A Way of Life.

With incredibly crafted and eclectic use of many different instruments throughout every track, you get a grasp of many different sides of what SJW‘s writing style is like, and just how likable it is. It has a great Alt/Rock take of the untouchable 90’s era, a groove from our favorite 80’s classics, and a great chemistry that stirs perfectly into today’s mainstream interest among any listener that loves to hear something new, effective, and keeps the mind busy.

With tracks that diversify and give off different tastes of the wide range of SJW‘s writing style with slick guitar riffs, a brilliant horn section, foreground acoustic textures, and endless elements of musicianship that flow through each song with Warren‘s perfect vocal range for his take on the genre (not to mention the brilliant production value), it makes A Way of Life an album that perfectly showcases not only SJW‘s writing techniques, but musicianship ability as well.

This is an album where it really stands as a rare gem; a collection of songs where you hear something different, but you know it’s coming from the same artist. Which makes A Way of Life an LP of hits. You won’t need to skip one track. There is something here for everyone, and as you cruise through each song, you’ll have a very difficult time picking out your favorite. Because by the time you reach the last track, you’re going to realize that this album is your favorite; from start to finish. No pauses or skipping. 

Once you take a listen to SJW‘s album of anthems, you’ll see exactly what we mean. Listen, love, and pass it on.

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