Artist Review: Melvin Fromm Jr.

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Loungy, comfy, and a terrific vibe that is administered to the overall aura with solid instrumentation and catchy composition.

And with that said, we introduce you to Songwriter/Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. A man of many instruments and multifaceted qualities when solidifying every measure that comes together between the rhythm and piano-lead song “Nice Fancy Feeling Life”.

This is definitely a song with a more upbeat yet Bossa-nova feel; there is excellent use of piano chord-progressions that set the tone and perhaps lead the way for the rhythm section that follows. It has that 5-star restaurant feel to it, and is the perfect anthem to a chilled-out and good-vibe celebration. Definitely eventful with a charismatic and nurtured foreground where everything is comprised properly. 

“Nice Fancy Feeling Life” basically are the best 4 words to describe the song. So I have to give props to the synonymous nature of the song, whether it was intended or not. But regardless, this song showcases not only Fromm‘s multi-instrumental ability, but his niche with composing as well, which is a large world in and of itself that has a great surrounding of music theory, and music appreciation. It’s definitely music that requires the know-how, and this is perfectly demonstrated in this catchy Fromm multi-instrumental piece. If you like a little Jazz, a touch of swing, and the good feelings all its characteristics bring, then Melvin Fromm Jr. is worth every minute of your time.

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