Artist Review: Chris Chips 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With dynamics in lyrical strategy and insatiable work ethics, 65 Max Entertainment Hip Hop Mogul and Up & Comer, Chris Chips, has been pumping out the tracks and keeping his schedule busy with a great team behind him, and an unconditional fan base that nurtures his love for music and keeps his gears grinding with better results each time he releases something new.

His track “Shut em’ Down”, which comes with an Official Music Vid with impressive cinematography, really capitalizes on a very strong side of Chips’ rhyming ability with the proper look and style with his video that has a great black-and-white experimental aura as you hear his flows and settle into a very dynamically comfortable comfort zone when listening to this song. Which is the beauty of Music Videos when they are done correctly: if the video is enchanting or interesting, you’ll end up listening to the entire track. Which is something this Artist achieved beautifully with “Shut em’ Down”.

Chris Chips, currently presented by Hip Hop big leaguers 65 Max Ent. has a very notable history as a Recording and Performance Artist over the years, and what most impresses me after looking into his catalogue of infectiously catchy and rhythmic songs is that he never ends up in career inactivity, hiatus, or stand stills; which can easily calm the hype on an Artist easily, or lose a majority of their fan base altogether. But Chips hasn’t only avoided this, but hits the ground running with every new release he puts on the table. His music is well-written, multifaceted, and is an Artist that without a doubt will be striking your ear waves if he hasn’t already. 

For first-time listeners of Chris Chips, we highly recommend “Shut em’ Down”. Because once it starts, you won’t shut it off.

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