Artist Review: High Dart

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Stephanie Brodsky

Experimentally enigmatic and poetically enamorous might give some justification to High Dart‘s I Don’t Play An Instrument, But I Like The Sun LP. But there’s a lot more to it, no matter how intellectually clever you try to describe it.

However, this album is intellectual, as well as clever, and that’s the beauty of it. Out of the catalogue of anthems off this EP, opening track “Avalanche” stood out to me the most. It showcases not only her soothing Alto-oriented overdubbed and natural vocals, but a great demonstration of musicianship, well-written melodies, grungy guitars, ambience, all doused with an EDM sensibility that makes the overall sound eclectic and original. It’s definitely new food for the ear.

With narratives on her track “I’m Waiting” and clever hooks in pretty much every song on this LP, this is definitely for the passionate indie-lover; a breed of music that demonstrated expression. Something that each person might take in differently when hearing it.

Overall, this is a beautiful album of ambience, sensual feelings, and a vast array of emotions. And each track brings something different to the table, but sticks to the same effective formula and original persona and integrity in High Dart‘s craft. Listen to this LP if you’re craving some versatile, eclectic comfort.

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