Artist Review: Muzic King

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & David Welsh

The title of Muzic King‘s most recent single perfectly parallels the vibe and feeling you get when listening to it. That feeling (and song title) is “Pop’n”.

What I love most about this song is the laid-back 90s feel that it has. There’s a simplicity that makes the hooks, lines, and verses very effective, dynamic, and easy to get stuck in your head. There’s no annoying amounts of crazy overdubs or crazy production theatrics that takes away from the song’s fun vibe and witty lyricism.

MK‘s rhymes are smooth, the bars are fresh, and the simplicity is another perfect element for a track like this, and is rare in today’s Hip Hop. There’s many influences you can hear throughout the song’s overall persona, but the originality is still in play. The signature sound is very solidified and has a very catchy flow. It’s definitely a track you can smoke a little weed to and enjoy it to its fullest, and unless you’re going to a club for some craziness, this is the best kinda Hip Hop to be playing at home while chillin’ out.

This track is definitely a recommendation for all Hip Hop fans that especially appreciate the 90s era, however you can hear some of today’s chemistry implemented in the right places to have it fit in with what’s going on in this generation as music of all genres continues to evolve.

“Pop’n” is exactly as advertised…a poppin’ track! Definitely give Muzic King a spin as he continues to hold the crown and create more music as he manifests in his career.

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