A Very Special 100th Review: Memories of My Father (From Your Loving Daughter)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Today we celebrate our 100th REVIEW! Thanks to every Artist & Band that has purchased our Review packages. Cheers to 100 more! With that said, this is a very special review and I’m honored to celebrate #100 with a very beautiful person’s story.

When you’re an Artist, the sky is the limit when it comes to writing. Some write about self reflection, life events, fictional concepts, perspective writing, and so on. No matter what genre you’re tackling or what message you carry as a writer, there’s always a story to tell. Something or someone that impacts you the most and inspires you to express it in the most powerful way. And when I heard “Memories of My Father”, the power of this story through the expression of Music captivated me in a way that doesn’t happen often. A story truly from the heart, the soul, through the memories and unconditional love of someone in your life that is irreplaceable.

It’s not just an amazing song, it’s also an incredible story, a powerful portrayal of emotion, and is something you can literally feel in your heart. The lyrics of “Memories of My Father” were written by Cristy Larena Paterno (pictured above 2nd from left, next to her father with her mother and sister). A loving Daughter that expressed her pain of losing her Father through the beauty of Music. 

A lot of us Artists write about our losses, and it’s a big part of our craft. But sometimes even a common subject such as loss can be expressed in a way that just grasps at you and takes your breath away. This song, by far, is one of those cases. When I read the lyrics, I was holding back tears unbearably. But then when Cristy manifested her Father’s song-dedication into something more than just lyrics…that’s when my emotions took over completely. I had to write this Review. And share her story with everyone in the Artist Reach network.

Cristy hired some elite Musicians to bring her lyrics to life. And when I hit the play button for the song…I couldn’t help but feel my entire body and mind go completely numb. This is one of the most beautiful, emotional, and powerful songs about loss of a loved one I’ve probably heard in the last ten years. The vocals are female-fronted with an amazing vibrato, the songwriting structure and tenderness of the genre to represent the song’s lyrical approach are so effective that it couldn’t be better, and it tells her story in a way that makes it unforgettable.

The link for the song is at the bottom of this Review. But if you want to experience the power and beauty of expression the same way I did from this song and story, I’m going to post the lyrics first. Read, listen, and let your soul be captivated.

Memories of My Father 

By: Cristy Larena Paterno

Papa, I miss you terribly

Since you passed away 

The pain I feel, it can’t be real

I wish you were here today

Your baby girl, she misses you

You’re my blessing in despair

My whole world came crashing down

When I realized Papa, you weren’t there

When I realized Papa, you weren’t’ here.

You were my everything

You taught me to love what I do

You supported all of us

And I worked so hard for you

And I miss you

I miss your cooking and our long walks

And our father daughter talks

And though I’m sad that we’re apart

You’ll always be here in my heart

I miss you so

Your baby girl, she misses you

You’re my blessing in despair

My whole world came crashing down

When I realized Papa, you weren’t there

When I realized Papa, you weren’t here

When I realized you were no longer here

Papa, I miss you so

-Your Loving Daughter, Cristy


Listen to the Song: https://www.reverbnation.com/q/6rbc2z

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