Artist Review: King Veli

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Miami’s Hip-Hop pioneer King Veli, represented by Production Company / Label Money Making Mafia, is one of today’s better influences on Hip-Hop’s new generation. He has the voice perfected for the genre, and can maintain his own hooks in a very dynamic way. Regardless, this Rapper knows how to draw you in.

Veli‘s track “Bounce” is a fun, witty song with a great flow, and he has a sing-songy approach. Part of him is Rapping, and another part is Singing. His R&B influence definitely puts a spin on the genre and makes it more laid back, as opposed to overdosing you on one single element to his overall dynamics. It’s a track that can be a club banger, or a chill-out weed smoking song that you can lay back and enjoy. 

The biggest part of King Veli is his voice. It just fits the genre like a glove. He has that perfect mid-ranged sound that can handle just about anything in his take on Hop Hop. His craft showcases not only wordsmithy, clever lyricism but also a very natural talent. He’s definitely an Artist that will be up and coming on fire with the right cards played. And from the looks of it so far, it seems promising.

Once again, especially in Miami, the underground scene talent tickles the musical brainwaves more than today’s mainstream most of the time. King Veli  is another Artist that is living proof of this. Listen to him now before he ends up on Hip Hop Weekly’s Next To Blow selection.

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