Artist Review: WAWA

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Stephanie Brodsky

All artists have something unique about them. And in life as we know it, we are all dealt our own hand of cards. Some of us with advantages in the hand, and sometimes disadvantages. However, the powers that be for WAWA, a deaf Artist that performs under a persona and genre called Dip Hop, is a prime example and a leader in utilizing a disadvantage into something that gives him more advantages than anything.

So I had to take a listen to his music. This past year in 2016, he released an album called Deaf: So What?! A great collection of charismatic tracks with an assortment of feature Artists, captivating hooks, and a spectrum of inspirational rhymes. 

With omittance of curse words and the every day vulgarity that is in a lot of today’s Rap & Hip Hop, it’s refreshing to hear content that is safe for listeners of all ages, and has a little something for everyone. His track “Bounce With Me” is a perfect opening track, and a great example of WAWA‘s baritone-oriented rhyming style, and a female-featured hook in the chorus that drives this song forward and solidifies a very elegant and dynamic sound.

“Dopey Love” is another solid track. One that utilizes a fun play on words, catchy content, and infectious melodies that are almost impossible to get out of your head. This is yet again, another track that reels you in and gets you to continue on to the next song from this album.

That next song is “Faceless Man”. Another feature track with a very captivating beat that grabs you right at the beginning. The production value is very professional and on par with today’s mainstream sensibility. As are the other songs and the rest of the album. One that we at Artist Reach recommend impeccably and without reservation.

If you’re looking for something fresh, fun, and inspirational, Deaf: So What?! is by far one of the best draft picks before the year is out.

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