Artist Review: EVOLUZION

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Starting 2017 off with a bang. 

Taken from the iconic John Lennon/Beatles anthem, Australian Hip Hop pioneer EVOLUZION proves that he has big things in his shortcomings with his current single “I’m a Dreamer”

Focused on creating and composing music meant to aspire, inspire, and put positivity in the forefront, it’s very apparent that this song is a perfect demonstration of exactly that. This track has top notch production value, executed in a way that perfectly showcases EVOLUZION‘s insatiable talent, vibe, and display of versatility throughout every measure.

With a female-featured hook, this song’s beat and the melody sung in the chorus makes this track incredibly difficult to get out of your head. It has all the right elements, and EVOLUZION‘s flow is a major defining factor in what drives this song forward and never lets up. The beat’s progression is one of the most catchiest ones you’ll hear so far this year, and will most likely remain in your top favorites all year long.

This artist has been all over the world and has an incredible story behind the music and the journey he continues to pursue full speed ahead. With the new year finally here, we at Artist Reach believe that EVOLUZION‘s “I’m a Dreamer” is by far the best new track (and artist) to start 2017 out with. When you take a listen to the song yourself, we guarantee you’ll agree.
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