Artist Review: Vin & Juice 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A great 90s oriented beat to showcase an up & comer from Baltimore that brings today’s element to the forefront of the spectrum, Loh Vin AKA Vin & Juice has put out some great tracks collectively that clearly distinguishes and showcases his upbringings with 90s Hip Hop, with great implemented elements of today’s more attractive and appealing sound that is few and far between.

With a distinct crossover of 90s legends like Biggie & many other 90s stars influences that can be heard by the naked ear, V&J has put a versatile separation between his influences, inspirations, and a honed craft that makes a versatile and dynamic standout from the rest of what’s going on in today’s mainstream sensibility; keeping his eyes on the future, rather than living in the past and resurrecting something that may have had funerals in the industry when a legacy never transpired, V&J has his eyes set on something much bigger than this; and deems to be remembered later in life due to the insatiable sir-thriving he’s been able to express, aspire, and inspire to great heights around his fans and the support system around him.

But Vin & Juice, safely assuming that’s comprised and inspired by the dynamics of both yesterday’s & today’s music sensibility, has carried an amazing substance with him as an artist, person, and with a craft that has yet to be reckoned with. An artist doesn’t sustain an impact among the audience(s) around him unless he’s doing something amazing.

V&J is part of many Social Media & Music platforms. We can’t recommend this Artist in just one area; he deserves to be supported in many of these current endeavors he has currently worked, and will demonstrate you a new, fresh sound that is not only captivating, but has staying power among his genre and the support and success he has garnered as he continues his winning streak.

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