Artist Review: Paleosonik

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Deanna Brodsky

With an insatiably, collective chemistry amongst quartet Poleosonik, hailing from London, has been turning many heads and captivating many ears with their most recent Album/LP, Children of the Sun. An album that collectively showcases the broad range of individual talents brought to the table, and mixed with a chemistry that gives this sound a very innovative, versatile one that won’t disappoint the avid Alt/Rock listener; with many other genres implementing a sound that is not only infectious, but unforgettable.

As a whole, Children of the Sun is an LP of many grooves, great guitar swells, beautifully crafted composition among the other rhythm players, and showcases the best of each member that implements not only the skills among the instrument & role they’ve taken on with the group/collective, but also have each spent enough time perfecting, practicing, and developing the healthiest musical rapport that this quartet that’s brought out an untouchable chemistry among the members, collaborators, producers, with a knack of putting out a record that is completely head-turning and ear-bending.

Paleosonik is absolutely a group that has great potential to bring out the next level in their career. And we at Artist Reach don’t just recommend them, but will be posting their future releases, big shows, and everything that’s going on with these musicians born for this. Paleosonik is absolutely one of those artists that deserve your positive attention, and future devotion. Don’t sleep on artists like this that will be making major marks in the industry; no matter how long or short it takes for this insatiably talented group, we at Artist Reach support this band in whole; and deserves your undivided attention in whole. You won’t be disappointed. AT ALL.

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