Artist Review: Mark Saunders

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Underground Hip Hop at its finest graces the Artist Reach platform once again. And with Mark Saunders, it can’t be said enough.

Hailing uptown in the Bronx borough of NYC, Hip Hop wordsmith, Mark Saunders, really hits it out of the park with his mind boggling single, “Hunger Games”. A song where you hear dynamically clever rhyming schemes from the very soft, showcased with a very smooth vocal tone.

On top of the laid back production value, you have lyrical content that is real as it gets. His approach with every buildup within his rhyming scheme that redeems itself even more with insatiable punchlines, I’m surprised an artist like this hasn’t caused a bidding war yet. This is textbook proof once again that some of the realest Hip Hop pioneers are in the undeniable underground scene; the scene where the best execution of amazing finished products come forward, and just need to get out there to the right people.

With that said, Mark Saunders without reservation is definitely one of my current Hip Hop draft picks for 2017. We are eager to hear what this lyrical maestro has up his sleeves in the shortcoming. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and give Saunders your full attention and listen to how this artist blows minds.

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