Artist Review: Stephen Douglas Wolfe

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Great guitar slides, catchy, witty, and a soulful sound that brings out a very versatile sound from Alt/Rock Recording Artist, Stephen Douglas Wolfe‘s single “Believe Me”.

This song and overall sound is another refreshment and discovery that brings us back to when high-quality catchy songwriting was high on most Artist’s priority lists. With a great mid-vocal range that drives solid melodies forward, every element behind the voice blends and nurtures this song perfectly. From great acoustic textures, a powerful chorus, and fantastic production value, Wolfe is another discovery you’ll pat yourself on the back for finding.

Hailing from Syracuse, NY, Wolfe comes from a very large and influential scene, and so far has created an amazing buzz with his most recent EP, insatiable drive, and overall dynamic persona as an artist and person that highly supports and reps the scene he comes from.

If you’re looking for a very humble, talented, multifaceted, and multitalented artist that is eclectic and captivating, Wolfe is your pick. If you especially miss the glory days of the 90s Alt/Rock era, then you’ll be adding him to your favorites of 2017 without reservation.

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