Artist Review: Amery Rey Tuesta

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Jammy, ambient, and a great foreign feel with great production value that showcases Amery Rey Tuesta‘s multifaceted melodies and song structures.

One song in particular, “Let’s Love”, really sets the tone for Tuesta‘s dynamic approach. With a great jam band style rhythm section with multiple instruments playing different roles to fill this song’s sound, you can definitely get a grasp on the integration of a brilliant mind putting the pieces together.

While the verses are more subtle, the chorus is very powerful and definitely stands out as one of the defining elements of this song that makes it what it really is. There’s not a stone unturned with this song and these songs can be deemed more as compositions more than anything. It just has a sound that really showcases many moods and Tuesta‘s mid-range vocals fits in the foreground perfectly with the multilayered instruments.

This is definitely something fresh, something innovative, interesting, and sets no boundaries. If you’re looking for a sound that has experimental elements with amazing production value and versatility, then Amery Rey Tuesta is an artist to add to your must-listen list.

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