Artist Review: Soap

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the cityscape of Toronto, this up and coming Rapper is already making some noise in his scene.

Recognized by the stage name of Soap, and with a rocky start to his career, his undeniable strive to get his name out has been very apparent since putting out his audio tape Down in the Six.

With very charismatic flow in his lyrical structures with very smooth beats to compliment his overall range, it’s his vocal tone that really solidifies his sound as unique, accessible, and for the ear of the true Hip Hop enthusiast. 

His song “Views of the Six” demonstrates this beautifully, and definitely encourages you to see what Soap is all about. And with a very humble persona on top of natural talent at the surface, I can definitely see some raw potential with the drive and strive to just be heard. That’s the greatest part. He’s not asking to be famous overnight, he does however, want you to take a listen and give him a chance. And out of most underground Rappers that tend to have tunnel vision nowadays when it comes to being at the top of the game without having to work for it, this is not the case with Soap. If you’ve got the time, he’ll bring the tracks.

This is a talented Canadian Artist with a very humble mantra, as well as a great influence on artists that really want to pay their dues, evolve as an artist, and be heard & known for who they really are. Soap is one of the realest artists we’ve come across in quite sometime. Therefore, I think you should give him a listen and really get to know an artist that truly wants to play his cards right, without overhyping himself or succumbing to arrogance. Which is very, very rare among up and comers these days.

Soap is no joke. Give him the chance he deserves. We have his back 100%.

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