Artist Review: Wali

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Trap Rap with some twists, turns, and an Indie approach to keep the genre more street-worthy rather than a mainstream back burner.

Which I believe is why Virginia’s Left Records Artist, Wali, all the more on stable ground when it comes to his charismatic flow, and narrative-driven rhyming techniques that keep you more interested as his Music showcases his abilities on the mic.

His new single “Why You So Broke?” gives a strong affirmation to his beat roots (no pun intended). His sound is consistent with a 90’s glory-days feel, and a knack for today’s street buzz. And with his personal influences ranging from Lil Uzi Vert to Michael Jackson, his eclectic approach and versatility gives him a refreshing and appealing sound that easily could make Wali one of your new favorites.

His Production value pays homage to the freestyle sound we’ve all come to know, and never tries to obnoxiously overdub his vocal tracks to overshadow his gifted nature and humble ability. Wali keeps it very real and traditional with his one-up, one-track verses that present a clear, well-polished wordsmithy solidified sound with witty & clever lyricism that parallels each other perfectly.

This is an Artist with a great spin on Trap Rap, and his rhymes, themes, and everything in between is showcased in the forefront with dark, yet charismatic beats that could easily entice DJs or other Rappers to conjure up a remix. But for now, we’ll just stick with Wali and just keep him on repeat for awhile.
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