Artist Review: Beatknoxxx – “I’m The 1 Who F’ed Up” (feat. Mars Of Youth)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Known for his musical crossover called Synth Hop, we capture a powerful presentation of EDM, ambience, and a new wave of R&B in Recording Artist Beatknoxxx with a rapid rising new single, “I’m The 1 Who F’ed Up” (feat. Mars Of Youth), from his most recent LP 4AM.

With a nostalgic and energetic feeling from the initial R&B-looped beat, bass-bumpin and slower ambient tempo, it’s hard not to feel the eclectic nature this song breathes to life. With Beatknoxxx‘s undeniably gifted voice carrying the torch, the overall craft brings more light into the mix and makes every measure of this track worth your time. Also, most notably, B-Knoxxx chooses his vocal melodies very wisely. It’s one of the strongest defining factors with keeping this song in your head.

This is an implemented crossover of insatiable energy and subtle ambience; on the verge of being a super-charged ballad. But what is presented is far more clever to the naked ear. It leaves you with a couple unexpected twists and turns, as well as a far more unique take on this multi-genre sound that happens to fit. But like said, the number one fitting piece has to be Beatknoxxx‘s vocal ability that drives this song forward, and once you take a first listen to this track, you’ll see exactly how the parallels work perfectly. 

This is for the faint of every heart out there ready for something catchy, familiar, yet dynamic with its own spin. Beatknoxxx delivers the goods with this single on all counts.

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