Artist Review: Moo-You

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

A charismatic flow with bars of structured versatility, Houston-based Rapper & IDM Recording Artist, Moo-You, has been turning some heads over the years with his impressive discography, however it’s with his most recent release; the hashtagged album #IAMMOOYOU, that shows an enamored complex and manifestation of a true Artist honing his craft every time he hits the studio and lets the flow of rhymes and undeniable talent surface to new levels.

A lot of Hip Hop has come through the Artist Reach camp, and once again we have something from the underground that pulls you right in. Moo-You‘s critically acclaimed album starts off with the banger, “King In My Own Mind”. This is definitely a clear cut example of how effective his voice is with his mid-ranged style, and the song is absolutely a beat-banger that puts you in the forefront of his energy, nostalgia, and street-wise persona in this self-confident track.

Meanwhile while this album has club-worthy Trap-style energy, there is also ambience and dynamic versatility with songs like “Childhood”, “So Smooth” and “Feelin’ You”. And it’s great to capture different elements of this album with songs like these that leave some twists and turns in proximity. Because Moo-You still harbors the same tone to show different sides of his artistic merit, yet keeps solid ground with his own unique style that solidifies him as a Recording Artist.

With heavyweight influences like Tupac, Scarface, Eminem, Outkast, and 50 Cent, we hear production value that is far from a letdown. It’s loud, energetic, and portrays unique elements between both the beat and Moo-Yoo‘s next-level rhyming style that easily could put these songs in instant-classic status. I could sit and dissect every single song for you, but I think this album universally takes you on a true artist’s journey and needs to be heard to be believed. It’s a next-level album with something new offered up in every track to showcase Moo-You in the best way, and will leave you anticipating with what follows up later in his career as he keeps writing and rhyming.

There’s a perfect parallel between old school and today’s mainstream sensibility with this album as well, which is very hard to pull off these days. But make no mistake about it, Moo-You has garnered a complex that keeps the listener in his realm, and perhaps could showcase any and every track from #IAMMOOYOU as the perfect album to try out in your new Sony Xplodes. Basically, any major sound setup is worthy of this record, and if the equipment can’t handle it…buy new equipment. Because Moo-You is the perfect production value to put behind that club sound system. And the crowd will be bumping and grinding from this record from start to finish.

I’d keep an eye on this Artist before he appears in Hip Hop Weekly’s “Next to Blow”. His capabilities and overall persona is worthy of it completely. Every song from #IAMMOOYOU makes you more intrigued with Moo-You. Take a listen and see for yourself.

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