Artist Review: MVJOR ARCVNA

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I’ve come across a spectrum of different EDM artists and projects over this past year, and each of them showcased their own sensibilities and elements that contributed to the appreciation of their craft. But with Musician/Producer MVJOR ARCVNA‘s LP Tower: Volume I, an album with many impressive multi-genre elements, we have an approach of soaring melodies coming from all angles in dynamic, beautiful ways. If you love a melodic approach, then this LP will be your anthem.

Every track from Tower offers up something unique and versatile, but the track that grabbed me was “Funk Pusher”. From clever Post-Production to dynamic instrument usage, including a western-oriented acoustic riff-bender, this track really jumps at you with its melodic textures, ambient melody leads, powerful uptempo beat structure, and a mood that is very comforting as well as energetic.

However, it carries a unique blissful signature sound with it. Nothing ends up being repetitive nor does this song tend to outdo itself in any way, it’s a perfect blend of many defining factors of what makes a song effective; and in my opinion, it’s the imagery that also parallels the moods this song gives off. You can close your eyes, take in every melodic measure, and let the mood caress the airwaves. Or you can rock out to this, and admire every measure’s versatility and uniqueness. The Hip Hop vocals also added a very anthemic tone to the entire song that really showcases the production value. It fits the formula, adds to the chemistry, and is completely on-point with the song’s aura.

Another song that stole me away is the ballad-oriented “SlowerCloser (Letters To You)”. A different formula of how the song plays out, but still just as effective as its predecessor. With the beautiful Male & Female duet-style duel-vocals and the subtle textures to build up the song, we have another masterpiece for the eardrums and the soul. The hook really grabs hold of you and eases you in to the down tempo and ambient progression, once again accompanied by great use of instruments and plugins that solidify this song into something very beautifully crafted. The melodies are once again one of the biggest defining factors present throughout the whole track. The more you listen, the more you start to believe that this is music completely impossible to dislike. This song will absolutely melt you.

There is an overall key signature sound in MVJOR ARCVNA‘s approach that really showcases his brilliance behind the mixing board, and the songwriting complex. It’s a sound that his fans can recognize, and appreciate in the way he is meant to be. Take a listen to Tower: Volume I and experience an astonishing presence of audio and imagery with undeniable melody in the forefront. You won’t be disappointed. Prepare for something new and beautiful.

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