Artist Review: Dobie

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With an energetic yet sensual exercise in the best of yesterday’s and today’s EDM sensibilities, DJ/Producer Dobie brings us a catchy and versatile mix down with his song “Ballade Pour”.

This is a very upbeat song with a lot of charisma, consistency, and quality in the production value. It’s a perfect rave and clubbing song with great post-production additives and presents a dynamic persona with the spoken word narratives this track also has.

Dobie‘s artistic merit encompasses emotion, and the most effective way to express it. His inspirations behind his melodies also come from emotional aspects, and therefore feels what he writes, rather than just hears. Thus demonstrates his passion for his craft, and really speaks volumes about his overall persona as an artist. I’m eager to hear what Dobie‘s music manifests in the future as he continues to write, record, and release the music he’s passionate about. And it’s definitely something you’ll identify with when you take a listen to “Ballade Pour”. You won’t be disappointed.

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