Artist Review: Leezy

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a fun, witty, and cinematic spoken-word approach, Aussie recording artist Leezy brings some fresh beats and club-charisma to the table with his fire-spreading single “Errybody”.

Leezy is easily that next artist to hear on the big screen in your next action – drama – suspense and party-going-oriented movie experience. The song is nothing short of innovative, interesting, and strikingly original. It’s a song you easily visualize as something cinematic, no matter what. Picture a 5-star casino, or high class lounge. This song is the soundtrack to exactly just that.

The likability is very consistent and playful, it keeps you listening, and actually disappoints you that it didn’t last longer. Most songs could sound too long with the short runtime of this track, but this is the exact opposite – you just want it to keep going. Therefore, you just wanna hear more Leezy altogether. 

So whether this song is  a classy and dynamic stroke of genius, or just a tease of that, regardless – it’s just brilliant. It’s the pre-game, the party, and after party all at once. That’s where the song’s cleverness comes from, and it’s made apparent right from the very beginning, and keeps you locked in until the very end.

Australia has a lot of brilliance in their indie scene, and Leezy is a raw and perfectly executed example of that. Artist Reach approves 100%. So everybody, give “Errybody” the chance it deserves, and the exposure that it needs.

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