Artist Review: Ricardo Padua – “Endless” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

A new anthem has hit the club scene. And this one will have you loving every measure, every melody, and the EDM glory it glamorizes.

This anthem is GRAMMY Award Winner Ricardo Padua‘s “Endless”. The song’s 3-minute runtime definitely doesn’t make this song endless, but the impression it’ll make on you just might be an endless one. Padua‘s charismatic vocal range encompasses the track’s progression, and the production value perfectly showcases his vocal delivery and melody-driven lyrics.

And to me, that’s where the strength in this song lies — the vocal melody. It definitely carries the torch for this track, and defines it completely. The singer’s range has proper placements in both the mid-range and high-range in this track’s unforgettable verses. And each verse has a very subtle-yet-energetic buildup, before the energy-fueled chorus kicks in with the perfect club goers vibe. It’s a strong one, and definitely entices you to research more of what tricks Ricardo Padua has up his sleeves.

I’ve had a lot of EDM cross my path, and this is definitely one of the more memorable tracks with even more ear-catchy vocal melodies that we’ve heard in awhile. “Endless” is one of those tracks that DJs should be spinning endlessly wherever EDM and Dance graces its presence. Because the truth is in the title; this is a song you’ll love, endlessly.

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