Artist Review: Eleven Dollar Bills – “Waves” single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If you want fun, catchiness, and a lovable vibe with an image to match, then Eleven Dollar Bills is all you’ll need to obtain that satisfaction. And we don’t mean the currency kind.

This cleverly named group’s new single “Waves” is riding the tide with their infectious sound, multi-ranged vocals with perfected vibratos, and a mainstream sensibility that’s bound to draw you in from first listen. 

Each measure is a blend of captivating and well-blended verses that puts the vocal melodies in the forefront; allowing you to really hear the band shine on their songwriting abilities and overall persona collectively. With some Alt/Rock pioneer influenced comparisons to Maroon 5, and Walk the Moon, there’s a whole different dynamic coming from Eleven Dollar Bills that sets them apart from everything else that surrounds their genre and the chemistry that puts it all together.

With subtle verses that build beautifully, it’s without a doubt that this song’s chorus carries the torch and will have you humming “hey!” in a brand new way. This song also has a very fun-loving Official Music Video to accompany it — showing you that this band is all about showing you a good time, and being dressed very well!

If you wanna hear a band (and song) that will most likely be rocking the industry spotlight very quickly…Eleven Dollar Bills is the name to remember. 

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