Artist Review: Kacey Fifield

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

If there’s one critical thing you can do in the Music Business (if you’re able to), it’s to start out early. That’s where our praise for 12-year old Starlet on the rise Kacey Fifield comes in. A charismatic, fun, witty, and melodic Pop vocalist & Songwriter from Los Angeles that’s currently hitting the ground running.

But don’t let the age deceive you. She is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry at all. Kacey Fifield is also an actress and has multiple film and TV credits, including appearances on shows on Nickelodeon and Oxygen, Commercials, and music videos (to her original singles). She is a part of the “Kids React” series on YouTube and has her own channel, Kacey Fifield Variety. Where she directs and edits her own projects. 

Fifield is under the music direction of Grammy shortlisted record producer and singer/songwriter, Ricardo Padua (who we also recently reviewed earlier this month). Fifield and Padua are currently working on her debut album, slated for release next year in 2018.
Kacey Fifield‘s current single “Keep Summer Going”, lovingly accompanied by a beach-carnival themed Official Music Video, not only gives you a proper introduction to an artist manifesting into her creativity levels, but a very good-vibes oriented showcase of personality as well. It’s a very genuine video; all about having fun, while omitting gimmicks and overproduced theatrics. You get a catchy song with a very impressive crisp and natural range that has a vocal approach well beyond her years. 

This song’s lyrical content and video both parallel the song’s title. It’s a summer anthem for those who are not quite ready to go back to school yet, or watch the leaves fall from the trees. And especially being as young as Fifield is, her targeted audience and fans probably agree.

With a powerhouse of producers working with her, great music releases, music videos, a YouTube channel and high quality production…we have a pre-teen singer/songwriter armed with some of the best on-hand team members that are destined to push her forward as she blossoms into her artistic merit. And I’d say for a 12-year old, there’s no better head start. There are artists that have been looking for a break like this 20-30 years into their careers, but for Fifield, let’s just say it’s all uphill from here for the young Starlet.

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