Artist Review: Tay Campbell – Netflix & Chill feat. Git (Official Music Video)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sensuality, sexuality, and R&B the way it was meant to be.

This song, video, and overall aura really speaks volumes with Hip Hop/R&B pioneer Tay Campbell and his infectiously catchy single, “Netflix & Chill”, accompanied by a video that parallels the song’s approach perfectly.

It has all the perfect elements of today’s R&B sensibilities, but still sticks to the formula that made the genre the gem that it is today. The Hip Hop features in this track doesn’t break away from the track’s theme, and also helps sustain the likability factors as well. It’s also one of those chillout-songs that just puts you in that mood. Perhaps the one the title speaks for itself.

This song, from start to finish, is the perfect anthem to the end of a hard day’s work, the perfect climax to a date, or just a sing to put on while spending time with your special someone. Campbell‘s very ambient and soothing vocal approach also adds to the defining factors of the track and video collectively. And it’s definitely one of those tracks you’re gonna put on your “Songs To Make Love To” playlist.

With insatiable talent and a voice that carries Tay Campbell forward, I believe there’s nothing this artist can’t do. His lyricism is brilliant, witty, and very compelling when he wants to get his message across. He has an innovative and captivating sound that we’ve all grown to love from the R&B genre…and Tay Campbell‘s “Netflix & Chill” is one of those tracks that keeps the genre alive and well.

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