Artist Review: Tom Connan – “Beautiful Day (Club Remix)” 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Action, Drama, Suspense. We have an EDM club track with some of the best cinematic direction in a Music Video I’ve laid eyes on in quite awhile.

Tom Connan‘s “Beautiful Day” (Club Remix) is not just a very melodic song with strong buildups and dynamic vocal structures, it’s also a song accompanied by one of the most impressively shot and (most noticeably) edited Music Videos you could ask for.

It’s a theatrical and suspenseful video, with some touches of possible influences from Darren Aronofski. But whether that was the intention or not doesn’t matter, it’s just a beautifully executed video with a very enamoring club-going track to parallel with it.

The song is chill, yet steady with a good-vibes-only approach. The well rounded vocals don’t attempt to steal the spotlight from the production value from the beat or progression at all. It all comes together perfectly and mixes into the perfect chemistry. It’s a fun, witty, and clever one that definitely shows an insatiable dynamic to the mixing skills that Connan shows when he’s at the mixing board.

There’s so much about this video that elevates the song’s likability factors, and vice versa. There’s something different around every twist and turn that makes this song memorable, and completely different from anything else you’ve ever seen or heard. My suggestion: check this out for yourself right now. You’ll be glad you did.

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