Artist Review: The Big Mackoofy

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a full blast of many different influential multi-genre approaches from Soul to Classic Reggae with a pinch of today’s more favorable EDM post-production, London’s The Big Mackoofy delivers an explosively versatile sound with their newest LP Marinaleda.

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue according to Plato, or as George Clinton said “Free your mind and the ass will follow.”

With a sound that could be in the same family as legendary industry heavyweights like Burning Spear, Jami Hendrix, Toots & the Maytals, The Meters, and The Clash, it’s not every day that you end up with a true authenticity and diversity coming from a trio like these guys.

Most notable characteristic is the diversity, no doubt. Each of these astonishing tracks offer up something different. Going from something upbeat and head-bobbin to straight dance-the-night-away tactics, you won’t get the same recipe twice with TBM. And it’s no surprise having these vast array of iconic influences while hailing from the London area — a city/metro area just like here in NYC, where some of the best talent is gracing

All 13 tracks take you on a sort of trip — a place you entered, but didn’t need much caution, however, you still managed to get your basket of surprises anyway. The mood-changes is what definitely keeps this record being the bomb on a scale of 1 to awesome. The dynamic interchangeable textures is definitely something you can hear and feel beautifully while letting this record sink under your skin and give you that feel-good drag on incredible levels.

The point is, there aren’t many Roots/Reggae Artists out there that completely blow you away with the city-style of yesterday and today’s favorites of the respective genre. There are many, many different characteristics coming from this trio you don’t hear anywhere else, so besides being completely versatile and diverse — add raw and original to their sensibility and overall execution.

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