Artist Album Review: David Vaters – “A Voice In The Wilderness: Volume 1” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s definitely an admirable feat to come into the industry with a double-volume & double disc collection of tracks as your discography debut, totaling 19 songs. That’s quite impressive for the Folky-Soul & Christian-Country recording artist David Vaters with his current release of A Voice In The Wilderness: Volume 1, with Volume 2 just around the corner. An astonishing and compelling take on Christian music with what the best of the western style can offer with a voice so memorable behind the strings, strums and drums, he will likely encompass your spirit and heart simultaneously from your very first listen. This is a true artist, with true soul in musician form.

We get a great taste of tracks, from Vaters’ heart-string playing of “8 Ways From Sunday” to his solo efforts of Melodic favorites like “Let It Rain”  and “Brighter Than the Stars”, all of which have received critical acclaim, positive reception, and a relentlessly growing fan base ever since their initial releases.

While Volume 1 gives us the first installment of his double-release comprised of 10 brilliant tracks, you can hear a beautiful and subtle midwestern tone in Vaters’ unforgettable voice and vocal approach altogether; all the while delivering messages of eye-awakening spirituality and effective Soul-soothing melodies that are bound to leave you breathless, fascinated, and emotionally captivated in ways you may haven’t quite felt.

When it comes to singing, sometimes it’s not what you sing, but how you sing it. And one unwavering defining factor I’ve noticed is texture. The overall delivering of one’s voice in a way that defines the humanity and signature sound behind the texture and tone a voice can give off. And ontop of the insatiably well-crafted musicianship with piano-driven verses and solid guitar strums that compliment the rhythm section with a pure and full-sound, we have Vaters’ voice completely thriving through our hearts and souls by the time Volume 1 ends, and inevitably, gets you pumped up for Volume 2, being released this September. We hope to follow-up this review with that anticipated release when it happens! In the meantime, give this first installment the recognition and spirituality it deserves. We promise David Vater‘s voice will be sticking around for quite some time.

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