Artist Review: Aaron Berin- “Connected” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If you want 80’s influenced reverb-cranked post production and very smooth European-style mid-to-high range vocals, then Aaron Beri is your man.

The soul and R&B soundtrack to Beri‘s childhood heavily influenced his own musical style, as the album’s delicious ballads, filled with emotional lyrics, and impressive harmonies, add a modern twist to a sound reminiscent of 80s classics.

With great musicianship quality driving this song forward, we get a softer end of rock with Beri‘s well-received single“Connection” from his current LP Avalanche. A very melodic and catchy song that renders a powerful chorus after many buildups leading up to it. 

It’s definitely ballad-oriented, a great laid back track with some very inspirational and well crafted lyrical measures. But no matter what, I still think the main defining quality of this song is definitely the brilliant yet simple impact from the chorus. The melody in particular that’s not just performed well, but appropriately placed in the song’s measures that solidifies the song’s impact to the best of its potential. 

Aaron Beri, though most recently has been living in Australia, originally hails from Europe and will be heading back there to officially release Avalanche. And you can also tell just from his versatility that he’s well-traveled, well-spoken, and gathers his writing inspirations from his experiences from different cultures and his experiences. There’s a lot offered up from his well put-together release, Avalanche. And I believe this is definitely a song you will definitely love this song; a song that perfectly demonstrates the character and backbone to a brilliant artist.

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