Artist Review: Ace Drucci – “Instagram Model feat. Yung Fatt” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Smile for a selfie. Nothing beats a beat banger with integrations of Ozzy Osbourne with a social media-themed song title.

Ace Drucci‘s most recent EP release of Money & Power has had a powerful street buzz, including his hot poppin single “Instagram Model”. Something very hard-hitting, and straight to the point with its dynamics and Post-production plugin fun that every producer loves to have. 

But seriously, this beat with the lyrical flow in the forefront perfectly compliments each other. Which is a very hard chemistry project in today’s mainstream side of Hip Hop. It almost brings you back to the “snap music” phase, but is way more clever and enticing.

Drucci encompasses us in this track with his very smooth but driven mid-ranged voice, and I believe that’s one of the charismatic and innovative parts to this artist that makes his addition to the mainstream sound more entertaining. Because, like it or not, what we hear on BET and Top 100 Radio really has me doing something along the lines of #SMH. 

That’s why we need more guys like Ace Drucci, to fill in the blanks. To throw aside the wreckage and garner a presence that can change the game not just for himself, but for the genre as well, and the prospect of its future. So what do I think of “Instagram Model”? Go take a listen, then a selfie, and let that smile do its thang.

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