Artist Review: Grey Spaces – “Come Out Clean” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There’s a brilliant stroke of ambience with a soothing yet dark approach in Grey Spaces’ debut single “Come Out Clean”.

With a very simple yet effective piano progression, this song is a very passionately soundtrack-worthy buildup. The female-fronted vocals are nothing short of perfect; from texture to sensuality and moods. And the vocal melody written for this couldn’t possibly be better. It almost has a Björk meets Beyoncé feel to it.

Getting farther into the song,  you begin to find a very cinematic component that you can also feel as well. And that’s what this song is about to me — feeling. Emotion. Qualities that makes music so much more than what’s captured in the ear.

This has a mainstream sensibility but I still hear the powerful songwriting from the 90s in this track as well. It’s not stuck in any time zone, era, or phase of music history. This single could come out in almost any era of music, be it past or present. Regardless of how you decipher it, it’s a song very difficult to put into words from the beauty, texture, and universal sound. But one thing I definitely hear is movie-soundtrack quality. 

“Come Out Clean” will absolutely surprise you with how effective and powerful it really is. And you won’t need to take my word for it. Best thing is to go take a listen. The scary thing, however, is that this is only their debut single. And they knocked it out of the park. I am absolutely itching to hear what they unleash after this.

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