Artist Review: Richard Lynch – “Cut & Paste” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A veteran artist that offers up some of the best Country Music for the last 30 years is definitely gonna put out some unforgettable tunes. Richard Lynch, an Independent Country Music Hall of Fame artist, hits home with his digital-age themed single “Cut & Paste”.

This is definitely a witty and clever story-telling ballad, accompanied by a very interesting and at times humorous music video that parallels perfectly with the song. In fact, the video and the low-key charm it brings absolutely adds to this song’s overall impact and follows the lyrical content almost frame-by-frame. It’s hypnotizing completely.

“Cut & Paste” is a ballad all about heartbreak and missing your lady…with a digital twist. In the past we’ve heard country songs about being hung up on, not showing up to a date, or not coming home. But, this one is approached with all modern edge technology. In this day and age we get deleted on Facebook, we don’t get texted back, no return email, no thumbs up on our latest Facebook pic, and perhaps most devastating…a change in relationship status. 

That’s what this song hits home with, and whether it was intended to be humorous or not, it’s almost impossible to avoid. Because one thing that’s always been charming about country is the honesty it portrays. And this concept is definitely relatable, yet debatable at the same time. But, like it or not, it’s something that happens every day in this era. Try to think of the last time someone broke up with you in person…yeah, I can’t remember a time either.
And that’s what makes “Cut & Paste” the gem that it is. The concept of a new school method performed by a veteran artist. This song’s catchiness is unstoppable, and Richard Lynch‘s authenticity is one of his biggest defining factors. As well as his legacy in country music. You’ll absolutely adore this song’s production value, and it’ll definitely turn you into a Richard Lynch fan immediately.

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