Artist Review: Edward Mena – “Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias” 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

This multi-award winning and highly acclaimed Venezuelan Recording Artist is anything but a letdown.

Edward Mena is an internationally renowned Singer that has performed alongside some of the industry’s biggest artists and events in his genre, and has influenced many newer artists of his type as well. In my opinion, he’s the Venezuelan Frank Sinatra. And he deserves the comparison.

His tribute single “Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias”, produced by 16 Grammy Winner Humberto Gatica and accompanied by a very dynamic and cinematic Official Music Video with great set designs, is a very romantic and brilliantly performed song that showcases Mena‘s Baritone-to-mid-range voice perfectly. His vibratos are very on-point, and the production value gives this a classic signature sound that really contributes strongly to Mena‘s genre.

The video is a strong first impression for Edward Mena if this is the first time discovering him. It’s apparent that his vocal style and image parallel each other perfectly, and sets the foreground for this artist’s craft and contribution to a very multifaceted genre that displays sensuality, emotion, and versatility. He’s a top-of-the-line artist that can be booked at just about any high class event, cruise, wedding, or anything that calls for a classy style and image.

This artist has been hitting the ground running and his career has incredible direction. If you haven’t heard Edward Mena yet, this song and video will leave a strong impression on you. And we couldn’t praise him highly enough. He’s a masterpiece of his craft.

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