Artist Review: 4lex Berg – Into The Night (Official Music Video)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Norway, we have a Pop-forefronted EDM track, accompanied by an astonishing music video with top-of-the-line Cinematography, that will have you dancing, chanting, and enjoying the some of the best moments of your life. 

This anthemic track by 4lex Berg is the melodically through-the-roof “Into The Night”. A relentless and free spirited track that puts all the elements of production and songwriting in all the right places while paralleling some of the best outdoor beauty and lifestyle music video shots you could ever ask for.

Sometimes EDM can overdo itself and lose its balance and composure, but we don’t have this at all with this song. Its Pop-oriented foreground is what truly opens the doors for the mind blowing melodies that come from the perfect vocal range that showcases it. It also maintains the structure of a proper Pop song that gives you dynamic verses, innovative use of plugins, and a powerful chorus that carries the torch for this song’s catchiness. 

This video really adds to the appeal and the overall context of the song. And from the beach to the city skyscrapers, we get an astonishing view and vibe that helps drive this song forward and show off its intentions of just having the time of your life. An upbeat masterpiece with elements of production that keeps perfect landing grounds no matter where the song takes its twists and turns. It’s just an undeniably brilliant song and video, and really puts EDM on a more melodic path that is memorable and not overdone. “Into The Night” is a brilliant track and a gem among the overall execution of the sound and image collectively.

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