Artist Review #2: Dobie – “You Are My Life” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Dobie has come back to the Artist Reach review platform for round two, and since then has recently won the Unsigned Only Music Competition for 2017. And with his track “You Are My Life“, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

This track is better than ever and comes out swinging. It’s one of those tracks that pulls you in from the very beginning. It’s heavy, fast, and has a unique and perhaps video game pacing. It’s extremely upbeat and is a clubbing and raver’s track that pulls out all the stops to make sure the energy is in the forefront, and keeps its consistency without straying from the formula of this take of the EDM genre.

With his own polished take on EDM, Dobie has cleverly blended house and trance, but not in a throwback sort of way. He’s taken familiar concepts from the genre and made something of his own that exceeds the notion of what an EDM artist should be. It’s a step above and beyond the everyday contemporary EDM expectations. There’s a very strong visceral feel that engages in versatility and tranquility.

The production value is exactly where it needs to be. And really comes together in its post production sequences. This was a flawless execution of a genre that has really evolved over the years, and Dobie has successfully managed to stand out from endless amounts of other DJs and EDM artists that can sometimes fall short, or flat completely. But however, this is not the case at all. Dobie really hits the ground running with this track and puts a very versatile hybrid style of uniqueness that implements all the right elements to make this track energetic, charismatic, supercharged, and mainstream-worthy. 

The growth of Dobie is definitely present, and we hear something more amazing each time one of his tracks comes our way. And over time, I believe he will be one of EDM’s more influential and talked about artists of his kind, and will have no trouble at all making his way to the top; which is already something that seems to be happening.

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