Artist Review: Jay Versatile

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to versatility, Jay Versatile is the exclusive shareholder. 

And I truly mean that. His name does not lie. If you’re digging a fresh concept and multifaceted sound with a theatrical grasp, this is the artist for you. His smash “This Is What We Do” demonstrates this beautifully. We get a heat seeking intro, then a blast into rhymes and bars that showcase a very story-telling plateau all mixed together with a dynamic beat that redefines bass altogether. This song has an Eminem-stylized approach, just with better beats and more twists and turns to keep you hot on your feet. If you want the best impression of Jay, then definitely start with this track.

Jumping over to his other single “Laugh In They Face”, we get another supercharged side to Jay Versatile. Between key changes and innovative verse structures, this is another reason to absolutely be blown away by this Hip Hop artist. It’s not your every-day indie artist or rapper we are addressing. When something hits home, it hits hard, and that’s exactly what we get with both of these singles.

Jay Versatile has that edge that Hip Hop needs in this day and age; which is why it’s very crucial that an artist like this gets all the exposure he can get. It’s also the type of artist that can potentially help save a genre that has become completely saturated and pretentious. So when you give Jay Versatile a listen, do yourself (and the industry) a favor and pass his tracks around.

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