Artist Review: The Shidiots – “Retarded” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

This is definitely some new food for the ear, and some of the wittiest Hip Hop I’ve had come to our platform in quite some time.

It’s been apparent that Eminem and ICP (both Detroit artists) have never fancied one another, but if they somehow collaborated behind the scenes somewhere and threw on a whole new updated outfit together, you just might do justice for The Shidiots.

Both executed as an Official Music Video combined with a Lyric Video, their single “Retarded” is definitely an edge-of-your-seat party track. No quacks about it.

From gritty and witty lyricism with Jackass-meets-a-drunken-party content, you can do no wrong with this song. Both Rappers bring solid hooks and bars to a very well-executed party track that puts their vocals to the forefront; which is especially impressive when you hear them sing their own catchy-as-hell hooks (yes, they did not need a feature artist for this).

With the Music Video however, its humor and well-edited pacing in the cinematography definitely helps bring atmosphere to the entire experience of this song; creating a sonic video and audio alchemy you just can’t help but love. It doesn’t beat around the bush with drawn out intros, overzealous concepts, or drown you out with any single element — this song is a f&$k load of fun, and doesn’t die out in any way.

The number one thing I can see with The Shidiots is a group that has their own fresh identity; guy’s that are bringing versatility and authenticity to the table in a way we recognize, but with a modernized twist. If you have a knack for the 90s and today’s (better) mainstream sensibilities, then this Hip Hop outfit will fit you perfectly.

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