Artist Review: Gkleft Ryda – “Welcome To My World” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If there’s one rapper that is quick with his words and quick on his feet, it’s definitely Gkleft Ryda with his fresh new EP Welcome To My World.

This is a fun indie record with a signature sound and style all in its own caliber. That’s for sure. From authentic rhyming schemes and dynamic lyrical techniques, we definitely delve into Gkleft Ryda‘s world with four banging tracks this EP offers up.

“Clear My Mind” is a perfect opener. It’s a great introductory track and blasts you right into the overall feel and aura that GR delivers throughout the record. His vocal charisma shines bright with multifaceted multilayered vocals that are authentic and upbeat. The production value contains a happy medium and doesn’t overdose the listener on any theatrical elements. This record is definitely as real as it gets between the bouncy beats and the lyrical spits that share perfect parallels.

Then we have two more tracks that follow suit with a similar angle with “Pajamas” and “Way It Is”. Songs that really solidify GR‘s stylization and really show his integration as his lyrical flow continues to master itself through each verse and well-placed hook.

The party track is definitely “Baby Go Ham” though. This one drives with a narrative that shows us more of GR‘s personality and artistic merit. This is probably one of the most catchy on the record, and will stick like glue far after it’s over. While every track on this record glorifies in its own way, you definitely have to crown this track as one of the prominent highlights. It’s literally a sonic boom that doesn’t disappoint.

And that goes for the whole record; it doesn’t disappoint. At all. I was a little scared that the title of Welcome To My World might be underwhelming in its content. But don’t even begin to think it. This EP is an astonishing delivery of Gkleft Ryda‘s world. And you’ll feel more than welcome when you take a listen yourself.

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