Artist Review: Kobe Ryson – “The Streetlights” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Electric, eclectic, and atmospheric are a few ways to describe Kobe Ryson‘s newest smash single “The Streetlights.” But to grasp the full picture, this is a song you need to hear to believe.

This reflective and powerful electro pop track centers around a story about a friend that passed away in a car accident while coming home from college for Christmas. The song’s lyrical emphasis is not only identifiable, but incredibly real at the same time. And really puts the content in perspective for every listener. But there is more of a backstory that truly gets you to delve into the artist’s shoes.

Ryson, a rising artist from Dallas (TX), made a promise to his mother last year while she was fighting cancer to release some of his songs and pursue his insatiable passion for music. Kobe soon after posted a song on Soundcloud that was streamed over 85,000 times in a little under a month. Kobe’s first official release “Hands up” also has garnered over 17,000 Spotify streams, and is still being discovered daily.

So it’s no surprise that his most recent effort in “The Streetlights” is grabbing the attention it deserves. It’s a multifaceted track and masterfully crafted with production value that any electronic or EDM listener can appreciate, and adds elements of old school flavors with an unsaturated mainstream sensibility. The vocal melodies are perfectly executed, and the track flows really well through each progressive measure that leaves you wanting to hear more of what Kobe has in his back catalogue.

This is the type of song that will have you coming back over and over again, and finding new components to appreciate every time. Give “The Streetlights” a listen and the spotlight in your heart it deserves. You won’t be let down.

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