Artist Review: Outstanding Members – “Hurt No More” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There’s a massive new heatwave in the Midwest right now with the emerging of Outstanding Members‘ newest banger “Hurt No More” from their 773 The Go LP.

Seriously, Chicago has some serious competition, and we don’t say that lightly. Cause we get a lot of hip hop coming through the platform. But one listen to this track, and consider yourself hooked.

Comprised of a quartet of multifaceted and elite Chicago rappers Loot, Bmg, Carey Killa Kelly, and N Doe, this cast of wordsmiths and dynamic lyricists hold nothing back and bring an eclectic and authentic vibe to the tables with endless likability factors. With a signature sound reminiscent to the 90s era of hip hop we’ve come to know and love, Outstanding Members bring forth a solid collective with their new single “Hurt No More” with clever rhyming techniques and lyrical flow that comes together in a way that encompasses you.

It’s a track you’ll be coming back time and time again because it has that rare staying power that today’s music doesn’t nearly grasp as much as it used to. And that’s what makes this the gem that it really is: staying power. That power of having a song stick with you even after it’s over.

With top quality production value and an unwavering solid beat format carrying the torch behind the vocals, “Hurt No More” is the perfect single to showcase the togetherness of the group as well as the individuality of the artists. It sustains a blend of bona fide catchiness and energy that definitely raises the bar for the Chicago hip hop scene. It’s crafty, versatile, and validates a sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving us something fresh and new, yet still identifiable. And each artist brings their own formula to the song that solidifies it into one brilliant composition. And that’s my favorite part about Outstanding Members. Their ability to showcase their individuality and togetherness all at once; which is no easy effort. But the beautiful thing is, it’s a natural for this group. It’s the perfect mix.

This is definitely a track you need to hear to believe. It has innovative bars and measures that really takes hip hop to the next level. And if you’re familiar with the elite Chicago hip hop scene, you’ll be adding this single (and this group) to the top of your list.

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