Artist Review: GMO – “What Ifs” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The whole world is full of “What Ifs”, which is illustrated beautifully in this new single by rising artist GMO.

This feel-good track definitely delivers all the goods from innovative lyrical content to overall production value and everything in between. It’s a subtle and though-provoking song that really gets the listener engaged into every measure GMO articulates. The pacing is well executed and the flow parallels perfectly with it.

This artist’s style is very eclectic as well, he definitely brings his own craft to the forefront and has the potential to be a vital voice in a new wave of Hip Hop. He’s definitely not like anything else you’d hear on any other given day and his ability to really focus on his lyrical content and songwriting factors is what sets him apart from others similar to his caliber. “What Ifs” is definitely what it is when it comes to getting a much needed breath of fresh air.

This single is definitely gonna be on the top of your favorites if you’re looking for originality and authenticity. It’s that new vibe and mood altering substance you’ve been craving for far too long, and this song absolutely satisfies.

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