Artist Review: Eddie Boi – “Never!Mine” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With an exercise of musical moods and emotional intricacies, we set sail on a journey of innovative landscapes with Eddie Boi‘s collection of creations in his full-length LP Never!Mine.

This record has a little bit of everything a producer/songwriter combo could showcase, and Eddie‘s versatility really shows throughout every track and measure that is pieces together throughout this record.

These songs carry a vast array of emotions. From subtle buildups to climactic explosions of energy, this EDM/instrumental approach with hues of industrial elements are very captivating in their nature and hold nothing back when it comes to suspense and anticipation. It’s a signature sound that is very worthy of movie scores and everything in between when it comes to moods and emotions. And Eddie really puts his artistic merit and original concepts right in the forefront where it can be heard and felt in the most effective ways.

When listening to all 12 tracks back-to-back, you really begin to grasp onto noticeable textures and ambient patterns that are both surprising and integrated. The production value is right where it needs to be and never has too much of too little of one ingredient, giving Never!Mine the perfect balance and composure throughout every track. And when these patterns are put together, you really begin to encompass the concepts that are implemented into every song that makes this album an extraordinary listen as a whole, rather than just separate tracks (even though they still showcase the same brilliance in isolation).

Never!Mine is definitely unlike anything else you’ll ever hear of a similar caliber. It’s thought-provoking and very well crafted. And the best part is hearing Eddie Boi‘s signature touch that lies within every track and really gets you to delve into his world a little deeper as the songs play out. It’s a true musical journey into the brilliant mind of an artist and creator.

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