Artist Review: Clew – “First Whip” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Some of the best Hip Hop comes from the underground where the up and comers are aiming to make their mark. Clew hits that mark brilliantly with his newest anchor single “First Whip.”

“You remind me of my first whip…” is that one line from this song as well as the overall theme that will enter your head and refuse to get out. It takes catchiness to a next-level realm and has an instant-classic status that is easily recognized after you first hear it.

Accompanied with a crafty and colorful music video, Clew‘s wittiness and sing-songy style in “First Whip” is unwavering, effective and right out in the forefront for all to see and hear as soon as this song starts. It’s lyrically animated, heartfelt and has endless likability factors that any Hip Hop fan can resonate with.

Rolling with a concept that is all about complimenting the girl with a metaphoric play on words and analogies to reminiscence of your first car, Clew puts the smack down on this track both performance-wise and production-wise to clue you in on a humble narrative. When it comes to keeping your interests at bay, his multifaceted hooks and rhyming techniques do absolute justice. This track is fun, the video is well paced and the song never drags or loses its mileage.

It’s the perfect Hip Hop fix for any avid music listener and really encourages you to delve deeper into Clew as an artist. “First Whip” is definitely the first impression that’ll give anyone that discovers it a pat on the back for doing so. You’ll be wishing you found this track sooner.

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